Zhixin College

About Zhixin College

Zhixin College was founded in July 2017. The name of our college, Zhixin, comes from a sentence --“If you renew yourself for one day, you can renew yourself daily, and continue to do so.” The sentence comes from an ancient piece of Chinese literature, called “Daxue,” “The Great Learning” in English. Therefore, Zhixin means our students can learn things every day and renew themselves daily which are the foundation of academic research and the need for national development.

Zhixin College committed to nurturing international talents who love our country, love our city —Shenzhen. They also love China’s intangible cultural heritage, are cultured, gentle, practical, innovative, and filled with great sense of social responsibility. The eternal pursuit of every Zhinxin-er is “ponder prudently, practice devotedly and innovate sustainably.”

Theme color of Zhixin College is orange. Orange represents happy and lively which symbolize young and vigorous ZHIXINer. Meanwhile, Orange always associate with autumn and harvest which symbolize plentiful and happy.

The Bougainvillea is the inspiration behind the logo of Zhixin college, and it is the Shenzhen City flower. It shows that our college is based in Shenzhen, facing the world. Blooming petals are just like opening books, and it is saving the newborn power now. The logo looks like the spreading sails of a boat in the ocean, which shouldered the responsibility of revolution and sailing at the sea of knowledge.

Zhixin College is a community that connects tutors and students, and Zhixin mainly focuses on non-formal education. Through organizing abundant and colorful cultural and academic activities, students from many different academic backgrounds, different grades can have in-depth communication, professional knowledge exchange, and strengthen the training of self-management, self-serving, self-education and leadership.

Residential Colleges

At present, there are 7 leaders of Zhixin College and 53 tutors from across SUSTech's various departments. There are 671 students (including 16 international students).

Zhixin College is committed to cultivating talents with a global outlook who love China's intangible heritage and Shenzhen. By encouraging students to be pragmatic, daring and innovative, with a strong sense of social responsibility, students at Zhixin College become the future leaders in the new era.

What's Unique At Zhixin College

Zhixin College is committed to cultivating international talents who love the China, Shenzhen and China's intangible cultural heritage. With the aim of cultivate and educating the students, Zhixin College focuses on developing students' intangible skills. Zhixin College has developed a series of unique events:

Reunion Day;

Welcome the Family;

Dean's Luncheon;

General education lectures;

Off-campus excursions;

Intangible cultural heritage workshops;

Ettiquette classes; and

Volunteer classes.