Zhicheng College

Zhicheng College

Zhicheng College operates on the principle of “Honesty at Its Foundation.” It hopes that Zhicheng students will treat each person or thing with sincerity. Zhicheng College provides non-formal education through classroom education and promotes academic and cultural activities outside of the classroom. It strongly believes in using flexible education models, so students gain a better appreciation for science and the arts, which enhances their professional and personal development. At Zhicheng College, we encourage students from different backgrounds to learn and communicate with each other.

About Zhicheng College

Zhicheng College was born in August 2015.

At present, the management team of Zhicheng College consists of 7 members: Dean Xia Zhihong; Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Sun Dazhen, Associate Dean, Blue Ocean; Counselor Wang Lianjun, Luo Fen, Gan Lihai, Huang Zimin.

Zhicheng College currently has 52 tutors, from every department across SUSTech. The tutors at Zhicheng College include 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society of Canada, 4 of the International Society, 4 of the Yangtze River Scholars of the Ministry of Education, and 5 National Outstanding Youth.

What's Unique About Zhicheng College

By providing non-formal education and classroom education, Zhicheng College promotes academic and cultural activities. As a result, Zhicheng College has explored and implemented an adaptive educational model. This educational model realizes students' cultural and intellectual integration. Students can take advantage of professional training for their personal development. Zhicheng College encourages students from different backgrounds to learn from each other and ultimately promote their overall development.

Zhicheng College has developed a series of unique activities. These activities include general education lectures, Friday night movies, Saturday night concerts, Sunday mentor nights, the annual Zhicheng Ball, volunteering activities and other peer support actions.