Campus Life


At SUSTech, we’re proud of our Grade A dining options across campus. With a focus on quality, flavor, and freshness, students have a variety of options from first thing in the morning to late night snacks. With fresh fruit and juices available throughout the day, we look after a variety of palates to ensure that everybody can find something delicious and nutritious to eat on campus.

Student Cafeteria

Our two-floor student cafeteria is the center of our dining experience. With a wide range of options of Chinese and Western cuisines on offer at affordable prices, no-one is ever lacking when they come to SUSTech. With a large team of committed chefs producing excellent food every day for thousands of students every day, you can be certain that you’ll be getting fresh food every day.

In the morning, the fresh fruit arrives, and crisp juices get made for a healthy pick-me-up, ensuring that our students can keep going all day. As the lunch rush hits, students have plenty to choose from, including the famous Chinese hamburger (known as roujiamo), which has sold in the thousands as soon as it was released.

As the sun sets on our green campus, students head back to the cafeteria for another bite to eat before retiring to their dorms or activities around campus for the evening. Some return later in the evening for the snacks on offer from our hardworking staff, as a late-night study aid.

Dining Hub

Among our guest apartments on campus, SUSTech is proud of its hub of dining options. With a delightful bakery, a delicious Chinese restaurant and delectable western restaurant. Our chefs dedicate themselves to providing healthy, nutritious and mouth-watering food from all cuisines of China and across the world, ensuring that everyone on campus can try something different from any point across China and anywhere in the world.

With our bakers rising early every day to make fresh pastries and delicious snacks, students can be sure that they can grab something to eat whenever they need to. The Chinese restaurant provides a variety of dishes from across all cuisines of China, while the western restaurant provides a taste of home for our many guests and foreign faculty.

We've also got a fruit tea shop and a convenience store tucked in here, for any of those on-the-go snacks you want to get as you're passing by.

Dining Hall Of Lychee Hills

Many of our staff and students opt to dine at our dining hall at Lychee Hills. With the two-storey dining hall close to residential colleges, laboratories and classrooms, students can quickly get a healthy meal without travelling far. With both local and foreign dishes on offer to all who pass through its doors, some may never set foot outside Lychee Hills.

Don't forget about the mini-mart nearby, in case you need a pick-me-up between classes, whether it's an ice-cream and a cold drink on a hot day, or some instant noodles for the late night snack - the mini-mart has you covered.

Dining Hall Of Joy Highland

At the most northern point on campus, this dining hall is highly popular with the researchers who have populated the buildings, as well as those staff and students living in the area. There are several different dining options available to those that choose to make the trek north to the Dining Hall at Joy Highland. The local mini-mart also supports the immediate needs of students, staff, and researchers.

Dining Hall Of Student Dormitories

The student dormitory dining hall offers a unique dining opportunity for students to take part in a wide range of Chinese dishes to dine on. Building 10 of the New Lakeside Dormitories offers plenty of space for people to relax and enjoy their meals.

Student Dormitories Shops

The 24-hour supermarket gives everyone on campus an opportunity to supply themselves with their every requirement, with a convenient bakery and fruit tea shop open late into the evening.


Located at the back of Lecture Hall 1, the story of the Subway brand started more than 50 years ago. It is open from early in the morning into the evening for everyone’s sandwich needs.


The largest coffee chain in the world has set up on the northern side of the Lynn Library, offering its unique brand of coffee, tea, and meals to the SUSTech community. Open from 7:30 am until 10 pm, seven days a week, everyone can get their caffeine fix at almost any time of the day or night.